11 Of The Spookiest Real-Life Ghost Stories On Reddit

Whether or not you thought 2016 was actually a scary year, we now have evidence that, at the very least, some people had a pretty spooky time. A recent Reddit thread asked users to share their most remarkable paranormal experience of the last year. The discussion took place on /r/Paranormal, Reddit's hub for ghost stories, and the stories these Redditors brought to the table didn't disappoint.
We're never ones to pass up a good ghost story, so we couldn't resist rounding up our favorite responses. From maybe-possibly-haunted dogs to disappearing fruits, these stories run the gamut of scary. We just wish we could have been there to help these Redditors get rid of their unwanted ghosts. Oh, and we hope you're reading this in a well-lit area — and maybe under a blanket.
Click through to read eight seriously bone-chilling tales from 2016. Let us know if you had your own spooky encounter in the comments below.