There Was Not Enough Latino Representation At The Golden Globes

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty.
For all this talk about diversity in Hollywood, the dynamics seem to be pigeonholed in a literal Black and white binary. Last night’s Golden Globes uplifted several films and television shows led by Black casts and producers with nominations and awards — Fences, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Atlanta, and Blackish. But there weren’t many other people of color represented. A couple of notable exceptions were Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin and and Lion’s Dev Patel. But neither of them took home accolades. The National Hispanic Media Coalition released a statement in response to this exclusion: “We congratulate the creatives of color who were nominated and who won Golden Globes last night — they have broken barriers in an industry that has been slow to change. These hard-fought successes have made our communities proud, bringing the perspectives of a diverse nation to the country, and we implore Hollywood to increase opportunities for all creatives of color. "Few Latinos were nominated this year because there are still too few roles offered to Latinos, behind and in front of the camera, especially in film. Today, Latinos make up 18% of the population and we need to represent those faces, voices and stories, if we are ever to increase the understanding and empathy that so many performers highlighted in their eloquent acceptance speeches about diversity and inclusion last night.” The entertainment industry has proven to struggle when it comes to making sure everyone has the same opportunity to reach their full star power. It seems like the industry views diversity as some kind of impossible multitasking exercise. It can’t focus on people of color’s issues if women’s issues are at the forefront. It can’t address Latino inclusivity when Black people also need to be included. But this isn’t rocket science.

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