James Charles & Zendaya Are More Than CoverGirls — They’re Also Friendship Goals

Reaching CoverGirl status isn’t the only thing James Charles and Zendaya have in common. They’re both also ridiculously passionate about makeup — not just about wearing it, but mastering it, and showing others how to do the same. James even came by the Refinery29 offices last month to film a 10-minute smoky eye video with the beauty team. And Z does her own makeup for red carpet events, impressively. But one thing we’ve never seen is the two of them showing off their pro skills together…until now. In a similar video for Cosmo, James and Zendaya invited viewers to "get ready" with them in the ultimate 10-minute eyeshadow challenge. They used the brand's Jewels palette — and one jaw-droppingly blue eyeliner — to create a bold look that’s actually worth trying on your own. What’s more, they imparted some indispensable wisdom along the way: “When in doubt, blend it out.”
Zendaya’s right when she tells James that his tutorial-ready terms are like second nature: He manages to explain the process every step of the way, even as the clock is ticking. The duo’s chemistry is as adorable as the colorful eye makeup they both pull off with aplomb — and we have a feeling their friendship will last way longer than 10 minutes.

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