6 Genius Recipes Straight From The Official Nutella Cookbook

Photographed by Frédéric Lucano.
Winter is no longer coming — it's here. So from now until the ice melts, we'll be hibernating beneath fuzzy blankets and foraging our cupboards for expiration-less provisions. When the weather turns against us, canned, boxed, and jarred pantry staples become our strongest allies. And when forced to pick the one packaged good to rule them all, we'd spoons down pick Nutella every, single time.
This glorious jar of chocolatey hazelnut spread is the ideal winter condiment. Sure, you can spread it on toast, eat it with a banana, or simply spoon it from the jar directly into your mouth. But that would still only be grazing the surface of edible potential here. And thanks to Keda Black's Nutella cookbook, Nutella Mug Cakes and More, we now have six foolproof, couch potato-friendly, recipes at our fingertips.
From microwavable mug cakes to mocha coffees and more, these Nutella hacks will enable you to stay warm and cozy (and indoors) until winter is finally over.

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