Kate Moss Responds To A Fan’s Letter — 23 Years Later

Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images.
The year was 1994. It was the peak of the supermodel era, complete with sexy Calvin Klein campaigns and rumored celebrity beaus — especially for Kate Moss. It was also a time when fans still took pen to paper with the hopes of catching a star's attention, if only for a moment. (No "First like" or "Follow to follow" here.) Thats exactly what Fiona from Hereford, England did to Moss back then — except her note has taken a bit longer than anticipated to land in the intended recipient's hands, according to i-D. Apparently, Fiona penned a letter to Moss 23 years ago, sharing her own ambitions of working in fashion some day and inquiring about her then-rumored relationship to Johnny Depp. She sent it to Storm, the model's agency at the time. However, that's as far as Fiona's note got, according to the Instagram account for Moss' newly-launched Agency (i.e. the closest Kate herself has to a personal social account, though she has that private one).
Fast forward two decades (and a few celebrity romances for Moss) later: the O.G. supermodel's talent house posted a shot of the note, handwritten on a lined sheet. "FOUND - Unopened fan mail from 1994," the caption read. Better late than never, right? "I will only write a short letter because I know you must be busy," Fiona had written, before getting right to the point: "anyway how did you get into modeling?" She went on to ask Moss to confirm whether or not she was seeing Depp. (And, if she indeed was, could she send autographed pictures, please.) Fiona shared that while she loved fashion, she was going to enter the industry in a beauty-focused capacity "because I love chips and junk food and I am short." She hoped that, one day, she'd run into Moss in the makeup chair. The saga doesn't end there. It may have taken a while, but Moss does indeed plan on responding to Fiona's letter — not only that, but she'll be sending a signed copy of her namesake Rizzoli book. (Finally, there's that autograph you were asking for, Fiona!) Never doubt the power of snail mail, folks.

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