A Man Told This Woman To Stop Touching Up Her Makeup On A Train — & The Reaction Was Perfect

Clueless men have been offering unsolicited advice about women’s behavior and appearances since the beginning of recorded history. In public, in private, even in writing — it’s happening all the time, and it is definitively not okay. And as important as it is for women to stand up for themselves (very), it’s just as important for other women to stand alongside them, too. As Yahoo Beauty reports, that’s exactly what happened on New Year’s Eve, when a woman began casually applying makeup on a train. You know, that thing many of us do. But the man accompanying her determined that her actions were unacceptable and told her to stop. Out loud. In public. On a train. Other female passengers overheard the exchange, and responded in silent solidarity: Every one of them then felt the need to touch up their makeup, too. One of the women summarized the incident in a single tweet, which has since garnered over 1,000 retweets.
Unsurprisingly, other women replied with their own similar experiences, with one adding that a male stranger on a bus once told her that putting on makeup in public is “unbecoming of a lady.” He must not have heard: We're nasty women, and we're damn proud of it, too.

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