How To Catch The First Major Meteor Shower Of 2017

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images.
Your New Year's celebrations might have been full of confetti, fireworks, and the glittering crystal ball drop, but that's nothing compared to what this coming week has in store. That's because the night sky is ringing in 2017 with the first meteor shower of the year, the Quadrantids. Not all meteor showers favor the Northern Hemisphere, but this one does, making it worth braving chilly temperatures for a glimpse. You'll want to bundle up and head outside on the night of January 3 into the morning of January 4, when the shower is expected to hit its peak. At that point, predicts there will be up to 120 meteors flashing through the sky each hour. According to EarthSky, your chances of seeing the Quadrantids are also higher because the moon isn't full, meaning it won't outshine the meteors. To find the shower, locate the star Arcturus, which is close to the handle of the Big Dipper. Arcturus is part of the Boötes constellation, which is near where the meteor shower is expected to occur, says. Of course, if holiday exhaustion has you choosing sleep over the shower, don't worry — there are plenty of other major astronomical events coming this year, including one for the record books. Shine bright, 2017.

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