Nicki Minaj Is All Of Us Watching This Billy On The Street Prank

Billy Eichner has been sticking his mic in New Yorkers' faces for five seasons of Billy on the Street. But as you can tell by the baffled reaction of some people he interviews, being basic-cable famous does not mean everyone knows you who you are — not even Nicki Minaj. "This dude is my new hero," she captioned an Instagram post of one of his clips. The video shows a woman who's not amused by aggressive, vague questions about La La Land. In classic Billy on the Street style, the joke is really on Eichner for assuming his pop-culture values are universal. Minaj has clearly never seen Eichner (so, not a big Difficult People fan, then), but she is instantly in love with his, er, bravery. She wants someone to "find" him so they can meet. "PSA: this is a dangerous game to play in the streets of NY," she wrote. "New Yorkers ain't rlly wired right, we throwed off. I'm so happy he made it home alive cuz i really wanna meet his petty as [sic throughout]" Here's another interpretation, though: We are being just like Eichner's character when we think it's strange that Minaj doesn't know him. So is Minaj a longtime fan posting this just to melt our minds? We wouldn't put it past her. Anyway, Eichner knows a compliment when he sees one. "Well @NICKIMINAJ calling me her new hero is a perfect way to end the year," he tweeted. "I'm DYING!!!"
Now, we cross our fingers hoping they meet on-camera soon.

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