Play "Immigrant Or Real American?" With Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner is the master of the street game. You'll recall him asking New Yorkers if they'd have a threesome with him and Jon Hamm. Or asking if certain terms applied to Kris Jenner or Geppetto.

Now, he's back with "Immigrant or Real American." The game is simple. If the person or people he says was born in America, you say they're a real American. If the person he says wasn't, they're an immigrant. Got it?

Let's play:

Mila Kunis

Jeffrey Dahmer

Pierce Brosnan

Charles Manson

Salma Hayek

Gloria Estefan

Ted Bundy

Charlize Theron

Antonio Banderas

The Unabomber

Craig Ferguson

Lee Harvey Oswald

The Boston Strangler

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer

Timothy McVeigh

Natalie Portman

Jackie Chan

Casey Anthony

Carlos Santana

Albert Einstein

O.J. Simpson

Kevin, an office manager wearing a shirt with a Unicentaurclops on it, gets 100%. Watch below to see how you do.

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