Kris Jenner Or Geppetto? Billy Eichner Tests How You Really Feel About The Kardashians

Geppetto, if you recall from your childhood, was the lonely old wood carver, who, longing for a son of his own, created a marionette named Pinocchio. Kris Jenner, if you recall from being a person with eyes and ears in the 21st century, is a wealthy matriarch, who created an entertainment empire based on her beautiful daughters. Billy Eichner knows that sometimes, these two puppeteers sound eerily similar. In the latest episode of Billy on the Street, he almost stumped an innocent passerby named Whitney with his quiz game: "Kris Jenner or Geppetto?" "Manipulates children using strings." "Has a child many refer to as a puppet." "Has a child whose nose mysteriously changed its size." "Created a child that's known mainly for lying." Which of those famous parents are you inclined to answer? It really depends on how generous you feel toward Kim and company, at the moment. Watch the video to test yourself and see how Whitney did.

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