Todd Fisher's Tribute To His Mother & Sister Will Break Your Heart

Tributes to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds have been pouring in since the mother-daughter pair died just a day apart. Perhaps the most memorable was the statement by Fisher's brother by Reynolds, Todd Fisher.

“She wanted to be with Carrie,” Todd told Variety.

Now, he's made another tribute to the passed pair by sharing a beautiful and simple image to Twitter. The 58-year-old posted the picture, of Carrie Fisher as Leia and Debbie Reynolds in her Singin' in the Rain costume, earlier Thursday.
That image had been circulating the internet for the previous day without attribution. It was the work of Georgia artist Ricky LaChance, Vulture writes.

"I was surprised that my drawing sketch become public; I wrote words on my drawing sketch but I feel that it's not right to show, I censored it to respect families of Carrie & Debbie until I learned that Todd Fisher told that his mother broke her heart over Carrie, She want to be with her forever," LaChance wrote on Facebook. "I decide to uncensor it to show my sketch to world."

See his post below.

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