11 Photos Of Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher Together Looking Fabulous

This week, the world lost a twofer — Debbie Reynolds and her wisecracking daughter, Carrie Fisher. Fisher died on December 27, and Reynolds quickly followed, suffering a stroke on December 28. One was the star of Singin' in the Rain, a seminal classic. The other was the star of Star Wars, another seminal classic. Together, they were pure Hollywood dynamite.
By all accounts, the two were very close. They appeared in public together frequently, beaming at each other, and looking fabulous. (Their last public appearance was at the 21st Annual Screen Actor's Guild awards in January of 2015.) Their shoulder-to-shoulder deaths seemed to prove that the mother-daughter duo was inseparable. There's been speculation that Fisher's death directly caused Reynolds' stroke. Allegedly, the 84-year-old collapsed while discussing plans for her daughter's funeral. (And, yes, before you ask, it is possible to die of a broken heart.)
The magnitude of this pop culture loss — one of a great many this year — is amplified by the fact that Reynolds and Fisher had been in the limelight for so long. There are press images of two-year-old Carrie Fisher toddling along next to her celebrated mother. There are also images of the women, nicely nestled in their golden years, embracing on red carpets. Ahead, find photos of the duo through the years, the fabulous footprints this Hollywood family has left on the world.

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