Carrie Fisher's Dog Is "Tweeting" About Debbie Reynolds Now

With Debbie Reynolds' death yesterday, the Reynolds-Fisher family has once again been plunged into grief. That includes Gary Fisher, Carrie Fisher's beloved bulldog — or, rather, the person who tweets on the pooch's behalf.

The Gary Fisher Twitter account shared a series of mournful tweets about the death of Reynolds, which came just one day after the Hollywood icon lost her daughter, Carrie.

First, there's this observation.

"If Carrie was here I bet she would make a joke that it was just like her mom to upstage her even in death," one message read.
The account also cleared up the mystery of just who is tweeting for the dog. According to a lengthy statement posted on Twitter, the account belongs to a Fisher fan, and is not affiliated with the actress' family. Fisher herself had retweeted the account in the past, and the anonymous person behind the tweets intends to keep the tribute going.

You can read the statement in full below.

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