Why This Show's Fans Are Sending Red Feathers To Fox

Photo: Jean Whiteside/Fox.
Pictured: Geena Davis in a scene from season 1.
The power of some seriously devoted fans compels you!

Viewers of The Exorcist have found a clever new way to persuade Fox to renew the drama, based on the famous book and film of the same name, for a second season. Don't worry: Pea soup is not involved.

As Moviefone reports, diehard fans — dubbed the Exorcist Congregation — have kicked off a new campaign today to secure the future of their favorite show. In addition to tweeting #TheExorcist and #RenewTheExorcist, viewers are encouraged to send packages of red feathers to the powers that be at Fox.

Why red feathers? Allow the Congregation to explain.

"A red feather was found in a bible by Henry [a character on the show] in Chapter Five, wherein Angela revealed herself to be Regan MacNeil," a statement on their Tumblr said of the #FearTheFeathers initiative. "She further revealed that the demon, Captain Howdy/Pazuzu, came to her in the form of a little red bird. We thought this would serve as a perfect yet harmless message to send to Fox executives that the fans are loyal to the series and we want to be heard."

And it's off to the craft store you go. Just spare a thought for the Fox assistants who will be picking feathers off their desks for weeks to come.


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