People With This Astrological Sign Were More Likely To Have Cheated This Year

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Sure, our horoscopes are interesting to read, but do our signs really reflect our specific habits and proclivities? That may be nearly impossible to tell — perhaps because there isn't actually any science behind any of this — but that doesn't mean it's not fun to try. In fact, one infidelity app found a few interesting links between horoscopes and cheating patterns.

Victoria Milan
, a dating app specifically for extramarital affairs and anonymous hookups, used its user data to determine the sign that was most likely to have cheated multiple times in the past year. Turns out, Aquarians take the cake in the infidelity department "They are hot-blooded, sexual characters, and can’t be blamed for what’s written in the stars," Victoria Milan founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal explained in a press release. Specifically, about 10% of the users who logged on to cheat were Aquariuses. (Coincidentally — or not — Water Bearers were also the most sexually-active sign in 2016, according to period-tracking app Eve.) Pisces and Aries came in a close second and third place, respectively. Meanwhile, the sign that was least likely to have cheated was Sagittarius, which made up a mere 6% of Victoria Milan users. Here's the full list, ranked from most likely to have cheated using Victoria Milan in 2016 to least likely: 1. Aquarius
2. Pisces
3. Aries
4. Taurus
5. Gemini
6. Capricorn
7. Cancer, Leo, Virgo (All three of these signs were tied at 7.9% of users.)
8. Libra
9. Scorpio
10. Sagittarius It's up to you how much meaning you invest in your astrological identity. And even if you live and die by your horoscope, there are probably stronger indicators of your potential to cheat than your sign. But given how varied the reasons for infidelity can be, we think it's safe to say that cheating might be one subject that's equally as confounding as horoscopes.

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