You Need To See How This Singer Broke Out Of The Pop Star Mold

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
It’s hard to believe Meghan Trainor has only been in the spotlight for two short years. With so many can’t-get-'em-out-of-our-heads pop songs to her credit, you'd think we grew up with her irrepressible voice, right alongside Mariah and TLC. And just as familiar as her tunes is her beauty look. Since the first moment we were all about that bass, the pop star has stuck to a signature: Rapunzel-like hair, unbelievably long lashes, and a sweet but not syrupy peaches-and-cream complexion. But just when we thought we had the Trainor beauty look nailed, she up and flipped the script.

This year, the longtime platinum blonde debuted strands dyed a deep russet chestnut, cut into a graphic lob. Happily, her about-face departure from her everyday beauty blueprint was a gorgeous one. And we’ve been following the play-by-play ever since. Turns out Trainor is also all about that power lipstick, major lashes, and show-stopping hair. See her best looks ahead — and try to resist giving falsies another go.

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