This Blackhead Remover Uses Air Pressure To Clean Your Skin

Editors' Note: We are investigating the validity of this product and have removed the purchase link until we can confirm it is an authorized device and retailer. We will update this story as we learn more. If you've accomplished the feat of tearing yourself away from a Dr. Pimple Popper video, we hereby challenge you to resist this ad. The 17 Diamond Peeling Facial Pore Cleanser claims to remove blackheads through the sheer power of air pressure. You can set it to your desired level and add different nozzles for differently sized blackheads. It's also got a "time" button, though it's unclear exactly what that's for.
The commercial shows it gliding over a nose and coaxing the impurities out of a chin. The blue glow of the instrument adds to the drama as it fulfills its mission to rid the skin of spots. Around 10 seconds, something nice and gooey gets up in there. By the end, you'll be letting out a vicarious sigh of relief.