This Is The Shocking Amount Alec Baldwin Gets Paid To Play Donald Trump

Photo: Shawn Goldberg/REX/Shutterstock
When Alec Baldwin hits the Saturday Night Live stage, he leaves behind nearly all traces of himself and becomes the embodiment of President-elect Donald Trump. The former Celebrity Apprentice host may not approve of the impersonation, but plenty of fans believe that Baldwin has gotten Trump's mannerisms, speech, and hairdo down.

So how much does Baldwin get paid for this perfection? Apparently, he's paid pretty poorly by celebrity standards.

According to Baldwin's interview in The New York Times, the actor receives only $1,400 to appear as Trump on national TV. Baldwin's first appearance was on October 1, and since then he has appeared seven more times on the show. Do the math, and he's earned $11,200 for his portrayal — not much for a portrayal that has been so heavily chatted about.

The four years America is spending with Trump could mean another four with Baldwin as his mirror image. Fortunately, it's not hard for Baldwin to slip into his Trump costume. Baldwin tells The New York Times that he gets into character in seven minutes and that those minutes include applying Clinique Stay-Matte powder in honey and more expressive eyebrows.

It's clear that Baldwin isn't going through the trouble of portraying such a controversial character for the money. Baldwin loves stepping into Trump's shoes, even if he doesn't exactly love Trump.

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