We Are So Here For A Bachelor Twins Spin-Off

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The Ferguson twins might have lost in the game of (nationally televised) love on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise — but they sure are winning at the equally cutthroat competition among former reality stars to score their own shows. Emily and Hailey Ferguson, 23, are in talks to develop a spin-off series, a source told Us Weekly. According to Us, the show would follow the incredibly amusing sisters as they go about their lives in their hometown of Las Vegas.
The twins are actually a fabulous choice of subjects from the broad pool of Bachelor alumni. They both vied for Ben Higgins' roses on season 20 of the show. And while neither of them lasted very long, they got enough attention on the show to land them on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise — where they again failed to forge serious relationships. But on both shows — and during guest appearances on Higgins' and fiancée Lauren Bushnell's spin-off this fall — they proved that the camera truly loves them.
Yes, they're gorgeous, with their long golden locks, perpetually perfect cat-eyes, and general "Taylor Swift circa 2008" vibe. But they were also goddamn hysterical — sometimes on purpose; more often than not. Some found their downright ditzy personas annoying. But they undeniably brought levity to the show with their silliness — they once pulled a twin-swap during a date — and refreshing willingness to laugh at themselves. Then again, they also had trouble pronouncing and defining words like "vulnerable." (Watch the video below to see how they do with basic geography.)
According to Us, both women are actually in relationships at the moment. And the deal is nowhere near finalized. But we really hope the show comes to fruition. Hell, we're just going to go ahead and propose a name for it: Twinning At Love. You're welcome, Freeform.

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