20 Songs The Internet NEEDED To Learn This Year

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.
If there's one thing everyone can relate to it's this: not knowing the lyrics to their favorite song. Or even worse, not understanding what those lyrics mean.

This year, there have been tons of songs with lyrics that aren't quite clear (please see "Panda" for reference). We wanted to know which songs had lyrics that people were constantly checking — and not just which songs, but which lines in particular, were especially tricky or confusing.

That's where Genius, the world's biggest collection of song lyrics, comes in handy. You can check the site for all the words to your favorite songs. Click a line and — voila! — instant analysis of its meaning.

Last week, Genius released "The Year In Lyrics 2016," which included data about the most-viewed songs on their site. In other words, songs that people viewed so they could learn the lyrics, the meaning behind the lyrics, or more about the artist behind the song. They also included data on which lyrics — specific lines — had been clicked on the most. Basically, they're the lyrics that confused the internet so much, that they needed an analysis to figure out just what they meant.

Ahead, we've rounded up the most-viewed songs on Genius and included information about lyrics that people needed to know or just couldn't figure out on their own. Maybe now you'll know exactly what they're saying in "Work" or "One Dance" without looking. Click through and may your karaoke game reach new heights.

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