Starbucks Is Changing Its Holiday Cups AGAIN Today

Starbucks has really been keeping us on our toes this holiday season. In early November, the coffee chain rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with the release of its green unity cup. That controversial cup only stuck around for a short time and Starbucks soon released 13 different holiday designs. Now, after over a month of festive variety alongside our daily dose of caffeine, the company is once again switching things up.

On Friday, Starbucks posted a photo on Instagram featuring three plain red cups with that iconic logo in the middle. Each of the three cups was decorated in white pen to spell out "Red Cup Art." The photo's caption read, "Look who's back! Our blank #RedCups return tomorrow for 1 day. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Share by tagging #RedCupArt."

With its blank red cups, Starbucks is encouraging customers to get creative and make their own merry patterns for a day. Maybe by leaving the designs up to the drinkers, we'll avoid more cranky internet reactions, but that seems like a lot to hope for. At least we're sure to get some inventive cup compositions out of it.

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