Kim Kardashian's Absence Is Costing The Paps More Than A Chunk Of Change

Photo: Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian's media absence could hurt the economy, y'all. According to Vanity Fair, the paparazzi are missing lady West's presence. Kim K. and the paps have a symbiotic relationship — they promote her celeb status, she gives them the high-value pics that can sell for up to $1,000. Photographer Marc Piasecki told the publication that before the robbery, photos of the star in Paris could be worth a grand. Another photographer told Page Six that Kim Kardashian used to be an easy way to get a decent chunk of change.

"You always knew where she was going to be, because she tipped everyone off," the anonymous pap said. It's a positive feedback loop — help out the paparazzi, get more photos, accrue more publicity, and — hey, look! — there are even more paparazzi.

But when Kardashian doesn't play her part, a natural slowdown occurs. Ostensibly, Kim Kardashian's retreat is hurting the photo journalism industry. What are the paps to do without their favorite reality television star? Just, I don't know, sit around and smoke cigars?

Nah. This is Hollywood! Surely there's another photogenic celebrity looking to fuel their own popularity engine. Turn that frown upside-down, paparazzi, and go find the next Kim K.


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