Fur Stole Or Grilled Chicken? The Internet Has A LOT Of Thoughts On Justin Bieber's Look

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/iHeartMedia
Fashion is all about risks, and sometimes that risk is looking like a grilled piece of chicken. Justin Bieber was spotted heading out to dinner in LA a few nights ago while wearing a literal blanket that was made of faux fur, and it looked just like those grill lines on a chicken breast. The internet was quick to roast (no pun intended) him for it.

To be clear, no one is faulting The Biebs for wearing a blanket as an outfit. Who among us hasn't had one of those days? As one Twitter user put it, "Justin Bieber normalizing the trend of wearing a blanket in public is a cause I can 100% support."

No, it's just that the blanket itself just happens to have an unfortunate doppelganger, and Twitter takes no prisoners.
"Why does Justin Bieber look like a chicken patty?" another user asked. "Who wore it better? Justin Bieber or the grilled piece of chicken?" added another.

But people don't exactly hate it. One fan wrote, "My sexy lil grilled chicken love u bby."

Others are pointing out the undeniable truth.
This better be the first trend of 2017.

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