Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons" Video Is Full Of Jewels & Mysteries

Lady Gaga's reinvention as Joanne is as inexplicable as it was inevitable. The pop diva's decision to go rock ran counter to every current musical trend, but seems to be working out ok so far. Still, we have questions. And those questions extend to her just-released "Million Reasons" video.

Chief among them: Why is Lady Gaga in the desert?

Next on the list: Who sent her the rosary?

Our theory, given that the same black SUVs pull up to the concert and to the desert, is that she was left there. But by whom? Possibly it was the man, alone among the women coming to claim her, who mysteriously disappears for the rest of the video. Where has he gone? Maybe to stand guard, in the middle of an empty desert, in case...autograph hounds follow them? Truly, a baffling case.

Gaga herself offers scant explanation.
See if you can figure out what's going on below.

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