Luna Legend's First Christmas Picture Is Hilarious, Thanks To Her Devious Mom

Chrissy Teigen isn't one to sit home and not enjoy the holiday season's offerings just because her husband's MIA. The 31-year-old made that very clear when she shared a hilarious "family photo" on Wednesday.
See, the new mom wanted to take a picture with baby girl Luna, husband John Legend, and Santa Claus. Only Legend wasn't around, as the 37-year-old singer is currently on tour in Europe. So Teigen had to improvise to make things work. In place of Luna's father, Teigen printed out a photo of her dear hubby's face for an unidentified girl to wear over her face. She's not fooling anyone, but the results are hilarious. "When your husband is in Paris but you gotta get your Santa on," Teigen captioned the photo.
Legend made his displeasure known with a concise tweet replying to Teigen's photo. "Savage," he wrote. His wife replied, "we miss you!" John, a word of unsolicited advice: Get your butt back to America before your wife has an album full of holiday memories with your face pasted in.

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