This IUD Ornament Will Complete Your Christmas Tree

Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Or Nice.
If you're still looking for that one ornament to complete your Christmas tree this year, consider your search over. Thanks to Nasty Or Nice, you can now buy an ornament with a mini-IUD inside of it. The ornament is just one part of the lineup of birth control-related decorations Nasty or Nice is offering; other ornaments include one with an implant, a ring, and a tongue-in-cheek sterilization knot. Nasty or Nice, a part of the NOW-NYC advocacy group, is an organization dedicated to women's reproductive rights. And on Saturday, they are holding a Nasty Women's Choir Sing-a-Long in New York City to spread a little holiday cheer — with some choice parodies of Christmas carols to protest the upcoming administration and the various ways it could affect women and minorities. Jean Bucaria, deputy director of Nasty or Nice, tells Refinery29 that the organization — and Saturday's event — are all about preserving the right to speak up and educate others about reproductive issues. "We need to show up and protest when it really counts," Bucaria says. "We need to call our legislators and make sure they hear from us about why these issues matter to us personally and to our communities." And if you needed even more incentive to join in, those birth-control-themed ornaments will be available to purchase in person at Saturday's sing-a-long. (Unfortunately, the limited stock means these decorations aren't available online for now, but we'll keep you posted if we hear otherwise.) If you can't make it, don't worry — you can still support women's reproductive rights by donating to NOW-NYC, which will use your funds toward lobbying efforts to hold elected officials accountable, as well as toward supporting abortion clinics. And if the holiday rush is keeping you from sparing money to donate, you can still get involved. "There are so many ways to volunteer, and volunteering and taking action is vital to a strong movement to preserve our access to abortion and birth control," Bucaria says. "Whether it's countering the fake news with facts on social media or marching in the streets, we need to come together to hold the line on what's important for women and girls — and, for us, that means protecting our reproductive healthcare, no matter what." The Nasty or Nice event is starting at Washington Square Park in New York City on Saturday at 12 p.m. EST, and will hit Bryant Park and Columbus Circle throughout the day. For more information about Nasty or Nice's Nasty Women Sing-a-long, check out a map of the itinerary for the day.

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