Katherine Heigl's Baby Shower Involved Deer Antlers & Laverne Cox

We realize that celebrities may sometimes be just like us, but there are plenty of times when they aren't. Like when they're throwing lavish baby showers outfitted with "naturally shed deer antlers" and attended by Emmy nominees.

Katherine Heigl went all out for last weekend's party celebrating the impending arrival of her first son. The pregnant actress, who has two young daughters with husband Josh Kelley, wrote about the rustic-themed shower for her These Heavenly Days blog, explaining that she drew inspiration from her family's Utah ranch for the event. That explains the antlers, plus winter-chic details like white gourds, pine cones, and a Christmas tree decorated by her mother.


Heigl's use of Pinterest to plan the party may fall into "just like us" territory, but her guest list does not. E! News reports that she invited her Doubt costars, including Dulé Hill and trans icon Laverne Cox, so now we're picturing Gus Guster and Sophia Burset wrapping Heigl's belly in toilet paper.

"Not only did I absolutely love how beautifully everything turned out but I could not have been more grateful for all my friends, family, and co-workers who showed up to shower us with good wishes and support," Heigl shared. "It was a magical night full of love, laughter, great food, holiday cheer, and anticipation for the new life we are about to welcome into our world."

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