Here’s How To Do One Of Those “Best Nine” Collages You’re Seeing All Over Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of 2016bestnine
What's the marker of a successful year? Happiness? Growth? Change? No. It's Instagram likes. We all know that Instagram is where we go to document and filter our lives for those sweet faves, and now 2016 Best Nine is here to find and collect your most popular posts. This feature originally launched back in 2015 and did pretty much exactly what it says: pulled out your nine most-liked posts from the year and created a collage. Underneath, the program tallied up your total number of likes, and added the hashtag #2015BestNine. When it comes to 2016, not much has changed. Head over to the website, type in your Instagram handle, and let the program work its magic. Select All reports that this could take up to ten minutes depending on site traffic, but true Instagram aficionados know the wait is worth it. It's not just for your personal account, either. Technically, you can insert any public handle to see their most popular posts and how many likes they racked up over the past year. You know, in case for some reason you wanted to dwell on 2016 for a moment longer.

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