Emma Stone Is Not Buying Your Perfect Instagram Life

Photo: C Flanigan/FilmMagic.
Emma Stone is onto you. Those flawless Instagram photos you're posting? She knows they're not exactly real.

As she told Elle, she's over the "too perfect" Instagram life that so many are trying to promote. In fact, it drives her downright crazy when she scrolls through social media and finds those kinds of photos, since she knows it's all a façade. A beautiful façade, but one nonetheless.

"When you see people like, 'This is the best life ever! I couldn't be happier,'" Stone said. "You're like, 'Shut up, that is not true.'"

Stone isn't wrong. In fact, scientists have found that seeing all that faux perfection on social media can lead to depression. The more time you spend on social media, the more likely you will feel like you're missing out.

But as Stone points out, no one's life is as perfect as it looks on social media and we need to remember that to keep our sanity in check.

"Not everything comes together in the best way ever, every day. It just doesn't," she said. "Even when your dream you set out for comes true, it's not always perfect...that's not the reality of life."

Stone is living her best life away from social media, which seems to be a trend right now. The La La Land star is not on Instagram or Twitter — and probably won't ever be. Back in 2014, she explained that she didn't like the idea of needing a complete stranger's validation, especially since that's a big part of being famous.

“It's that need to be liked, that need to be seen, that need to be validated, in a way, through no one that you know," she said. "It seems like everyone's cultivating their lives on Instagram or on different forms of social media, and what pictures looks best of their day."

Not Stone, though. She's just keeping it 100 in real life. For now, we'll just have to dream about what it would be like to be besties with Stone. Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, our imagination doesn't have to work too hard.

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