This Boyfriend Got A Major Makeover For The Coolest Reason

Ever wanted to go to a concert so badly, you'd do almost anything? Of course you have. Even if you didn't have the money, chances are you've at some point looked for creative ways to get the tickets. Couple Tatyanna Snyder and Jordan Shetrone know the feeling all too well.

Two beans in luv

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The two wanted to go to Coachella in 2017, but Snyder was low on cash. When Shetrone offered to pay for the tickets, she declined — and in response, her boyfriend offered up the most loving and uplifting solution. See, Snyder is a freelance makeup artist who typically charges her clients $50 for a makeup application. In order to get that much closer to that Coachella ferris wheel, Shetrone booked and paid for a session straight away.

“He made an appointment with me Saturday for a full beat, glitter lashes and all,” Snyder told BuzzFeed. “It just made my heart feel warm that he even did that for me."

Snyder posted the before-and-after pics on Twitter, along with another post in which she lamented, “Why is he so much better looking than me tho.”

My boyfriend is beattttt 😂✨ #cakedbytaty

A photo posted by Tatyanna Snyder (@cakefacetaty) on

The tweets have inspired thousands of likes and retweets, with plenty of comments to boot. And most are giving the couple props and applauding Snyder’s skills.

Despite some trolling (it is Twitter), Snyder said her boyfriend is still very much down for the cause.

“Even after all the negative comments, he doesn’t care. He told me he’d do it again and again and again,” she told the site. And he will — Snyder says more looks are to come. We can’t think of a more glam or loving road to Indio.

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