You Can Donate Your Election Pantsuit For This Fantastic Cause

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images.
Hillary Clinton's campaign may be over, but nearly four million people are still members of Pantsuit Nation, a Facebook group full of Clinton supporters who wore pantsuits on Election Day. The group grew so influential that Clinton even thanked its members personally. And thanks to a new initiative by activist Meena Harris, their outfits won't go to waste. Harris is collecting old pantsuits and sending them to organizations all around the country that help women find employment. So, if you donate yours, it'll be given to a woman who needs it for a job interview. Harris was inspired by Clinton's efforts toward equal pay. Partially because women are economically disadvantaged, she realized, many aren't even able to buy something like a pantsuit. "As I walked down the street in my affluent San Francisco neighborhood to drop off my dry-cleaning, I reflected on what an obvious privilege it is to even own a pantsuit, let alone to buy a new one for a special occasion," she wrote for Lenny Letter. "And I had an idea for something that would acknowledge that privilege and honor Hillary, too." If you want to keep Pantsuit Nation and the cause it stands for alive, you can send your pantsuit to this delightfully named address: PANTSUIT DRIVE
P.O. BOX 170326
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94117-0326

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