Netflix Knows Exactly What You Do After You Binge A Show

Remember the days when binge-watching a TV show meant shelling out for DVD box sets and having to put in a new disc every four episodes? Netflix has put those ancient techniques behind us, leaving fans to watch Stranger Things until their eyes are bloodshot and social life ignored. Now, the streaming service has figured out what you want to do after you've left the Upside Down — and, surprisingly, it's not watch more TV. According to new data from Netflix, people need a palate cleanser between programs. Jumping from a heavy drama like Jessica Jones to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt might seem like a reasonable shift, but apparently that's not how most people operate in terms of viewing habits. Instead, Netflix has found that most people will watch a movie on the streaming platform after binging on a series.
It makes sense. If you just watched 10-plus hours of the same story, jumping into a new show can be overwhelming — err, well... as overwhelming as watching TV can possibly be. Personally, I'm always down to watch an old favorite (say, Mean Girls?) after spending hours watching a wildly unpredictable TV show. It's kind of like coming home and changing into sweats after spending the night out in a heels. Once again, Netflix has proved it totally gets us.

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