These Stars Looked Very, Very Different A Decade Ago

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images.
Fashion-wise, the mid-2000s were a difficult time for everybody. It was a time of aviators, Juicy Couture tracksuits, puka-shell necklaces, studded belts, ill-fitting denim, and dresses with unnecessary smocking details. In other words, a time we’d rather not remember, or at least not actively be haunted by.
Our 2006 selves may have been an affront to our personal style as we now know it, but thankfully, they’re buried deep in the countless photo albums in our parents’ basements (well, and on MySpace...). Celebrities don't have quite the same luxury of privacy as we do, but on the other hand, their awkward stages weren’t quite as awkward as ours. Something in that Hollywood water, maybe.
Awkward stage or not, these five stars looked very, very different a decade ago. Which makes sense, considering we’ve come a long way since everyone wore that one denim skirt.

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