Last-Minute Beauty Gifts For The Hardest People To Shop For

News flash: Gift-swapping parties are happening, like, right now. Still don't know what you're bringing for your friends or family members or Tina in accounting? It happens. And when it does, it's a natural impulse to grab the nearest gift at your local drugstore, with little thought at all.
But what's more awkward than handing someone a present, sitting next to that person while they open it, and then watching them freeze in disappointment and scramble to spit out a less-than-sincere thank you? Not a lot. So, to make sure your gift gives off only good vibes, we've nailed down eight personality types — from your fanciest, froufrou friend to the most charitable of the group — and paired 'em with correlating beauty buys that'll make you look like the most thoughtful person in the room.
Here's to never having an awkward moment again. (Unless you accidentally send that gossipy email about your boss to your boss — we can't help you there.)

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