Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Let the twinning begin! This Tuesday marks 2016's only full moon in Gemini, the sign of kindred spirits, communication, and cooperation. Finding common ground is the key this week — yes, even with people who may seem to live in a completely alternate reality from our own. Dig and ye shall find. Maybe it's a favorite TV show or a love of Labrador Retrievers or a passion for winter sports. The point of this exercise is to focus on the bonds instead of the breakdowns. Social Gemini energy can be like a healing salve — even if it comes in the form of seemingly superficial small talk. That spark of "we are all people" cannot be denied this week. Before 2016 is through, there could be some unlikely friendships that emerge. Let's call it progress, shall we?

The weekend's festive Leo moon will tempt us with its siren song. Ready to get the holiday season in full swing? These decadent moonbeams will lure us toward luxury, revelry, and romance. But we also run the risk of overdoing it under this excessive energy. Sip water in-between those brandied eggnogs and carry cash for holiday-shopping if you are the type to get carried away with swiping the credit card. Cupid will be driving the sleigh all weekend. Be strategic with that mistletoe placement, and enjoy some randy reindeer games.

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