Emma Watson’s Next Movie Is Basically An Episode Of Black Mirror

If you've read Dave Eggers' fantastic tech-thriller The Circle, then you already know just how pumped you should be for the upcoming movie adaptation. The film, like the novel, is about an intelligent, ambitious new hire named Mae (Emma Watson), who quickly ascends the ranks at The Circle — a Silicon Valley company best described as Google, Twitter, SnapChat, Periscope, Facebook, Tesla, and SpaceX (or something like that). The campus is state-of-the-art luxurious, the people are positive and creative, and the chief founder's (Tom Hanks) vision — to "complete the circle" by connecting every human experience through technology enabling total transparency — is humanitarian and noble. At least at first.
As you'll see in the trailer, The Circle's drive towards omniscience veers down a slippery slope — with star employee Mae front and center. Knowledge is good, and knowing everything is better, Hanks' leader contends — even if the price is sacrificing privacy and anonymity rights. The dystopian story is unsettling, prescient and relevant in the vein of Black Mirror. And based on this first look, the film promises to do Eggers' book justice on the big screen.

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