Tom Hiddleston Trolled By Taylor Swift Street Art

Tom Hiddleston's latest cultural crime is making street art seem cool and relevant. The British actor was pictured Monday cruising past a piece of art depicting the exact moment Taylor Swift ended their relationship. The piece, created by Fussy Human, echoes the work of iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. "Oh. Tom..." the picture-Swift says. "I love you. too... but..." Hiddleston probably didn't even see it, but the camera did.
So this scenario raises the obvious question: What to do when confronted with public art depicting your breakup? There are three obvious options. First, ignore it and keep moving. This was his choice. Why should Fussy Human be able to affect your daily mood? Besides, the whole relationship may or may not have been authentic. He's never going to dodge questions about Swift, so he might as well put on his stiff upper lip and get on with life. Second, avoid appearing with the art. This is the strategy of NBA players when they see LeBron James coming down the lane. Namely, just run away. It's a little embarassing in the moment, but you don't get put on a poster. Better still, you don't perpetuate the depressing myth that street art is somehow good. Nobody needs to be reminded even tangentially of Mr. Brainwash. Third, lean into the picture. Stop with it. Pose. Smile. This, to us, seems like the best choice. Shit, you could even take a selfie with it and send it to Swift just to prove how not-mad you are. The best way to win any breakup is to be super happy to see the person next time you're in the same room together. This is doubly true if you were the dumpee. "Why is that little shit smiling?" the dumper might ask. Well, because the dumpee has never been mad and in fact this is all hilarious.

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