Chelsea Handler Has What In Her Closet?

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
There are plenty of enviable features in celebrities' closets that make your own setup look downright minuscule — pitiful, even — by comparison. The Kardashian-Jenner clan's closets are, of course, in a class of their own. And we've seen some impressive wardrobe situations on the silver screen, too. (Cher Horowitz's high-tech spread comes to mind.) And then there's Chelsea Handler's closet, where it turns out libations can readily be procured. Handler gave People a tour of her closet, and as you'd expect, it's filled with a unique array of items. There are sneakers given to her by Jessica Simpson, underwear gifted (and signed!) by Stella McCartney, plus never-worn Dior and Valentino dresses. But perhaps the best feature of all? She has a bar in her closet. (Seriously.) A stocked fridge and freezer are just one of a handful of fairly odd things the comedian has in there. Another unusual item that mingles with rows of shoes and racks of clothes? A plaster mold of a pair of breasts, gifted to Handler by Ellen DeGeneres. But it's not a replica of Handler's chest: “They’re not my boobs. They’re not that close together, or that small, as we all know.” Oh, there's also the most meticulously organized selection of workout clothes fathomable. (We've seriously never seen a more orderly leggings collection.) But back to that bar: It's a point of pride for the comedian. "If you have a bar in your bedroom, it feels like things are going your way," Handler tells the camera, giving herself a pat on the back. "I'm proud of myself. You go, girl."

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