A Lot Of People Named Their Babies After Stranger Things Characters In 2016

Photo: Getty Images.
Check out the list of 2016's most popular baby names and you'll notice that, for the fourth year in a row, the most popular names were Jackson and Sophia. But according to BabyCenter, when you start looking at the names outside of the top 100, you notice things get a whole lot...stranger.
As Good Housekeeping pointed out, Netflix's sleeper hit Stranger Things inspired a whole lot of expectant parents. The name Nancy reportedly saw a 46% increase over last year, while Dustin was up 32%. With a 25% jump in popularity, Lucas managed to become the third most popular name of the year for boys. We'll give the Duffer Brothers only partial credit on that one, being that "Lucas" was number four on last year's list. This year's pop culture touchstones crept onto the list in other ways, too. The election being on our minds resulted in parents choosing the name Hillary 64% more than in 2015. Ivanka saw a 39% increase and Donald was 5% more popular. Unfortunately, Barb was not one of the most popular names this year. Once again, no justice for Barb.

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