No One Knows Olivia Palermo’s Shopping Habits Better Than Her Dog

After The Secret Life Of Pets premiered earlier this year, pet owners everywhere started wondering how well they truly know their furry friends. (No? Just us?) Olivia Palermo, however, has nothing to question: Her beloved white Maltese, Mr. Butler, sounds and acts exactly like we’d expect him to. And he truly is woman's best friend — because Mr. Butler knows Palermo's fashion ticks better than she knows them herself. In a new video by Amazon Fashion Europe, the style icon’s adorable sidekick takes center stage as his thoughts on his famous owner are vocalized. (In case you're wondering: Yes, a pup named Mr. Butler does, indeed, speak with a British accent.)
Palermo's followers are quite familiar with Mr. Butler, since the canine frequently photobombs her many candid street style photos. And while he always looks just as chic as his owner, we finally get to hear the pooch's insight — from the pooch himself. In this hilarious short, Palermo rifles through her very impressive closet, desperately searching for holiday gifts for her friends. Each time she happens upon a promising contender, Mr. Butler (correctly) predicts that she’ll find some excuse to justify keeping the item for herself. (We have to admit: Palermo styled these looks so flawlessly, it would be a shame for her to give them away.) After this Oscar-worthy performance, Palermo’s puppy definitely deserves to join the exclusive club of famous fashion pets. We're sure he'll get along well with Hector Browne, Neville Jacobs, or even Karl Lagerfeld’s ultra-glamorous kitty, Choupette. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that playdate.

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