Your Mind Will Be Completely Blown By This Japanese Gift-Wrapping Method

If you're currently sitting in your living room staring at an Everest-sized mountain of gifts that need to be wrapped, don't panic. First of all, the fact that you've already done all your holiday shopping is something to celebrate. I'm impressed! Second of all, there's a hack that's going to help you get all those presents packed up nice and pretty in no time at all. A couple of years ago, a video of presents being wrapped at the Takashimaya Department Store in Japan went viral. The wrapper is impressively speedy with this method and only uses two pieces of tape. Think of how easy and fast it would be for you to wrap all those gifts that are currently barricading you into your bedroom if you could follow this special Japanese method. Lucky for you, YouTube exists, so you can find plenty of video tutorials like this one.
Now you, too, can employ this efficient gift-wrapping trick at home. Or, at least you can watch the videos over and over to relax — they're mesmerizing, no? Either way, the Japanese method will change your life, or at least your holiday season.

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