Michelle Obama Just Got The Fiercest Power Bob

NurPhoto/Getty Images.
Between her impactful health initiatives and hilarious dancing videos, thereโ€™s a lot weโ€™re going to miss about Michelle Obama when she leaves the White House in January. The woman is bold and unapologetic about her beliefs โ€” as well as her thoughtful style choices. And that's what makes her latest move so unsurprising.

We all know when they go low, Michelle Obama goes high. And this time, it's to her collarbone. The first lady debuted the sharpest, sleekest, most jaw-dropping power bob in Washington. And while there's a lot more to Obama than her style and beauty choices (like a lot more), we're personally inspired by her chop, which screams confidence.

Stylist Johnny Wright shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday after crafting the cut. The shiny, center-parted style perfectly skims her clavicle and it might be our favorite FLOTUS look since those iconic bangs. And we have a feeling we'll be seeing it everywhere come 2017.

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