Lauren Graham’s Tattoo Story Is Straight Out Of Gilmore Girls

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images.
It’s a scene right out of Gilmore Girls, delivered in rapid-fire dialogue: Lorelai spends minutes fantasizing about getting a tattoo, all while her daughter Rory looks on, tight-lipped. Except as Entertainment Weekly discovered when mining the pages of Lauren Graham’s new (and aptly-titled) book, Talking as Fast as I Can, the scenario happened IRL when the two were filming the show. In the book, Graham writes, “I was prattling on to Alexis [Bledel] about the possibility of getting a tattoo and the exciting potential of designing it myself, because, I explained, that’s where the real fun was, the real artistry.” She continues, “after I went on and on about my fantasy post-tattoo life for a while, Alexis smiled and gently said, ‘So, what would you get? A shamrock?’” After my embarrassment faded, I realized I didn’t want a tattoo anymore. Why? Because through her (more mature) eyes, I suddenly saw the inherent futility of it.” No word on whether Graham still feels the same way. But we love that this ink was saved for the book.

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