Happy Holidays — Here's Your Masturbation Advent Calendar

Ah, December: The month that beckons one of the most festive, glittering holiday seasons of the year.

We're so ready to start counting down to the holidays, but many of us have also said goodbye to the advent calendars of our childhoods. You know the ones — those calendars filled with milk chocolates and biscuits. Okay, we haven't completely graduated from chocolates and sweets, but that doesn't mean we're not looking for more unconventional advent calendars.

After all, the fun of advent calendars is waking up and knowing there's a gift waiting for you. But what if it was a gift that you could literally give yourself?

This year, we're hailing the holidays with a different kind of countdown. Meet our 24-day masturbation advent calendar, with one masturbation tip for each day. Save it — or even print it out— and start getting to work on the best gift you could give yourself: pleasure.
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Save this calendar and print out a copy. This will be your guide for the next 24 days.
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Try out a new kink.

Embrace your kinks wholeheartedly. And if you’re not sure where to start, Dr. Carlyle Jansen, founder of Good For Her and author of Sex Yourself, has a suggestion: Leave the door open while you’re masturbating.

“Leaving that door open means there’s a possibility that somebody can walk in — and that might add a little excitement about being discovered,” Dr. Jansen told us back in April.
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Go all in.

With your fingers, dildo, or vibrator. Masturbating intravaginally can help you learn more about what exactly your body responds to.
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Don’t be afraid to use a vibrator.

Treat yourself to a new vibrator — guilt-free.

“Just like some of us need glasses in order to see, some of us need power in order to orgasm,” Dr. Jansen told us.

Don't know where to start? Check out our sex toy holiday gift guide.
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Make a plan.

When our schedules get busy (Let’s face it, when are we not busy?), we often forget about important things, like finding time to masturbate.

It can be hard to find time for ourselves, but as one of Refinery29’s own writers discovered, it’s incredibly important. So at the risk of sounding dorky, schedule a time on your calendar to masturbate — like, literally put an event on your Google Cal if you have to. Your body will thank you.
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Romance yourself.

Turn it into a self-care session. Go all out and seduce yourself. Light candles, draw a rose petal bath, the works. Do whatever it takes for you to truly relax enough to enjoy yourself to your maximum masturbation potential.
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Use just the tip.

Of your finger, that is. After all, simplicity could be key. You just have to find what works for you.
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Allow yourself to have a quickie.

Sometimes, you just need to get to the point — and that’s totally cool.
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Hop in the shower.

And not just for the massaging shower head, if you have one — it might also get some outdated masturbation myths out of your head.

“Often, if women don’t masturbate, it’s because they’ve been told that masturbation is dirty and bad,” Dr. Jansen told us. “But, in the shower, you’re getting clean — and that’s positive.”
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Take a break.

Take a break — if you want to or need to. We made this advent calendar so that you can masturbate each day leading up to Christmas, but if you need time off from masturbating, that’s cool, too.

Whether you want to completely take a day off from masturbating or even just take time to masturbate without trying to achieve orgasm, give yourself a break.
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Try using lube.

The right lubricant can transform your sex life — including your solo sex life. Even if you don’t “need” lube, it can’t hurt. In fact, it can make things so much more fun.

Try adding a pea-sized amount of lube to your fingertips when you masturbate and see how you feel.
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Take your time.

According to a 2006 study in the European Journal of Neuroscience, letting go of anxiety and fear can be key to achieving an orgasm.

Take it slow, get to know your body and what it responds to, and the results might just be mind-blowing. No need to rush things.
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Go easy on your clit.

That being said, there is actually such a thing called overstimulation. The clitoris is ultra-sensitive. If it becomes overstimulated, it could be more difficult to orgasm. So take it easy.
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Do some warm-ups.

Don’t worry if it takes some time for you to get aroused. Zoë Ligon, founder and CEO of sex-toy retailer Spectrum Boutique, suggests doing pelvic-floor exercises to get blood flowing to your genitals for a sexual warm-up lap.
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Try your G-spot.

If your clit needs a break (or just isn’t really doing it for you), turn your attention to the G-spot. Try a few come-hither fingering movements to stimulate the tissues on the front wall of the vagina.
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Don’t discount anal play.

Anal stimulation may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to masturbation, but hey — don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Some women also swear by the combination of clitoral and anal stimulation. If you want to know how to get started, might we recommend a few butt plugs?
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Pay attention to your breasts/nipples.

And on that note, don’t forget about your breasts, either. According to a study reported on by Science of Relationships, stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain that is also activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix.

In other words, women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation the same way, so don’t concentrate all your attention down below.
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Discover your U-spot.

That’s right: The urethra.

The urethra is surrounded by your clit, and when your U-spot is stimulated, the tissue surrounding the opening engorges with blood, triggering you to become more aroused.
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Try stimulating non-erogenous zones.

Remember that scene in Friends? Basically, the idea is that we all have multiple erogenous zones all over our bodies that aren’t necessarily thought of as erotic, but can be mind-blowing when stimulated the right way. Some common zones? The clavicle, the nape of the neck, and the inner thigh, but, of course, you'll have to get to know your body and see what you like best.
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Double up.

Your orgasm doesn’t need to come from solely stimulating your clit or only stimulating your nipples. Try doubling up and stimulating your breasts and clit at the same time, or your clit and anus — whatever floats your boat.
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Try out a new fantasy.

Allow us to provide a little inspiration as you let your mind drift.
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Let someone know what you're up to.

Whether it’s a long-term romantic partner or a new relationship, sexting is a great way to keep things fresh — plus, talking to someone while masturbating can be like having a helping hand.
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Discover new porn.

If your go-to porn is starting to feel a little stale, check out some other sources, like TrenchcoatX, if you haven't already checked it out.
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Find new positions.

Sure, sex positions are usually meant for couples, but how you position yourself while masturbating can also be a game-changer. Lie down, sit up, kneel — whatever gets you off.
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Treat yourself to an extra pleasure session.

And finally, indulge in another pleasure session and masturbate twice in one day — or even more. Your sky, your limit.
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And as an added bonus, here are a few solo sex toys to get you started.

This vibrator is waterproof — perfect to take with you into the bath or shower.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spectrum Boutique.
This butt plug is perfect if you're looking to start experimenting with anal play.
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Calling all coconut-oil devotees: This lube is for you.
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The absolute classic amongst sex toys, the Hitachi Magic Wand is as reliable as your favorite little black dress.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lelo.
Powerful vibrations + G-spot stimulation = the orgasms you deserve.

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