This Model Ditched A Fashion Shoot Because It Involved Fur

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
Australian model Ruby Jean Wilson, a vegan and vocal supporter of animal rights, doesn't always find that her beliefs dovetail with the demands of her gig. Take, for example, a recent photo shoot Wilson was on that was so at odds with her values, she felt compelled to take action, as Mashable pointed out. Wilson proved that, sometimes, lack of compliance is the best demonstration of one's convictions. Wilson was booked for a photo shoot for an undisclosed brand. Upon arriving on set, she was in for an unwelcome (offensive, even) surprise. She "discover[ed] it was a fur look book," the model wrote in the below Facebook post about the incident. Initially, Wilson stuck around, mulling over the situation while having her makeup done, torn over whether to leave because of "not wanting to inconvenience the whole team by leaving." But Wilson soon realized she was appalled by the whole shoot and literally walked off the set. "I decided [the shoot] wasn't something I wanted to be a part of," she wrote. Wilson then implored her Facebook followers to "think about what they choose do support and to realize that if we don't stand up and say no...things won't change." The Aussie model acknowledged she felt "anxious" by peacing out in light of her personal beliefs. Yet she stood by her decision to act on her discomfort about doing a pro-fur shoot, urging others to join her in trying to change the conversation by acting on animal rights-related values. "I don't believe that being in the fashion industry means that you are at the whim of designers or whomever is paying you," Wilson wrote in her post. "We have to collaboratively decide what's not cool anymore. In fact, I think as creatives we urgently need to start to say no to things like fur."

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