Lonely Boy Got A New Look — & We Are Seriously Digging It

It’s been almost four years since we said goodbye to our beloved Upper East Side crew. But their memory still lives on — as do their reputations. Blair is still a queen and married to Seth Cohen, and Serena is settled down with another sarcastic brunette. So where does that leave the cunning, intelligent, pierogi-loving Dan Humphrey? Well, actor-turned-musician Penn Badgley is now a BLOND rock star. We're shocked — but totally here for it. The last time we saw Badgley, in September, he had his John Tucker Must Die curly mop. Fast-forward to Monday night, and Lonely Boy was maybe making frosted tips kind of cool (and, dare we say...sexy?) again. The 30-year-old lead singer debuted a platinum fauxhawk when performing with his band MOTHXR in Miami, and, dear God, we’re not in Brooklyn anymore. While Miami's Art Basel is a time of major creative inspiration, we’re wondering if this could be permanent — and the beginning of another '90s-'do revival? Jury is still out on that one, but with Zayn hopping on the blond train last year, we’re excited to see who else could pull off scruff and highlights quite like them.

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