This Vlogger Challenges You To Do Your Makeup Using Food Only

A video posted by Raychel Newton (@makeup_maven) on

Good news, doomsday preppers: That healthy stock of pantry items won’t just sustain you come the end of the world — it can also provide you with a full face of makeup. Because as self-taught makeup artist Raychel Newton has shown via her #facefulloffoodchallenge Instagram video, translucent powder, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and more can all be sourced from the stuff in your kitchen cabinet. Among the items Newton uses: cacao powder as eyeshadow and brow filler; honey as primer; and coffee, mac and cheese dust, and lucuma powder (a low-glycemic sweetener) to create a smoky eye. Flour, she says, doubles as a brightening under-eye concealer. Beets and coconut oil can be used for lip color. While we’d like to say we’d never use a buttery spread as highlighter or chocolate as a way to contour, the truth is, we've done worse in desperate times. (And if the stuff is good enough to eat, chances are it won't do any damage to your skin.) Plus, something tells us that come the apocalypse, anything goes. So until then, we’ll keep tabs on resourceful responses to the #facefulloffoodchallenge — and ensure our emergency food reserves are well stocked should a time of need hit.

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