Nick Jonas Photobombs Mom’s Vacation Selfies Like Bigfoot

Nick Jonas has lately been notable for flying solo. The singer is on record as being on a "dating hiatus," and publicly not dating anyone is a good recipe for just turning up random places. Being single means, of course, that you can just wander into parties or restaurants at any given time. You don't have to schedule or coordinate with anyone so you can just, like, wander into a restaurant and get six beignets and throw three at ducks, hand two to cops, and still have your own personal beignet. Or just show up on dates with Demi Lovato. The world is your oyster, location-wise. So that is one possible loose explanation for how Jonas wandered into this mom's adorable vacation selfies like he's MF Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. Jonas appears, looking down the barrel like GD Jim from The Office, in the background of a photo posted to Twitter by 18-year-old Floridian Presley Peterson. Her mother, Cheryl Potts, took the photo of Jonas randomly popping into the background like he thinks he's MF Alfred Hitchcock. Peterson raves about her affection for the Jonas sibling, telling Buzzfeed she finds him "cute as can be" and "relatable." Check out the image below.

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