Justin Says The Thing None Of Us Wanted To Hear About That Canadian Tuxedo Moment

Photo: Frank Trapper/Corbis/Getty Images.
Remember that iconic denim-on-denim look that early-aughts It-couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore to the American Music Awards in 2001? It's pretty hard to forget that glorious match-y red carpet situation. The 2016 edition of that very awards show went down on Sunday night, and, yes, we're still talking about that denim extravaganza, 15 years later. And apparently, JT isn't exactly thrilled about that. During an appearance on an Australian talk show, The Project, earlier this week, Timberlake addressed the getup that inspired Halloween costumes for years to come. When asked "What have you learned about the industry that you didn't know when you were in N*SYNC?" Timberlake replied, "That if you wear denim-on-denim it will get documented." The host followed up with an insistence that the Canadian tuxedo is making a comeback, to which JT replied, "I don't think even I could bring that back." Naturally, then, the musician was pressed to determine exactly which fashion icon could revive the denim-on-denim aesthetic. "Not Donald Trump," he said firmly, inspiring laughter and, maybe, conjuring up some uncomfortable images of our president-elect donning Timberlake's 2001 ensemble. Though we're bummed to learn that our tweenhood crush isn't, in fact, as obsessed with that red carpet moment as we are, we're pretty sure his style evolution was for the best. Catch the rest of the hilarious interview below.

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