People Are Freaking Out About This iPhone-Killing Video

If a masochist is someone who gets pleasure from pain, then what's the name for these people on Reddit who can't help themselves from watching this short video that almost immediately crashes their phones? Those who watch the five-second video, which can be reached through a series of somewhat fishy links, may first think they've survived it — then all hell breaks loose. Users are reporting that first the iPhone heats up, like when you've been playing Candy Crush too hard. Then, the screen freezes, totally decommissioning the iPhone until its owner does a hard reset (pressing the power button and home keys at the same time, or power button and down volume key, in the case of the iPhone 7). For some reason, people can't resist trying it, maybe because they want to prove it wrong. "No it doesn't its fine for me," writes one user, before coming back and clarifying, "Edit: mere seconds after posting this comment, my phone froze. Instant karma." Luckily, the incident doesn't cause any permanent damage to phones. It's just a weird bug that Select All explains is probably due to corrupted video encoding. They're also confirming that nothing happens to laptops if the video is watched on any kind of OS, so if you're not quite as daring, you can still check the video out on your desktop. However, if even that still seems like playing with fire, then you can watch the chaos unfold from a comfortable distance via YouTube.

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